A Taste Of Hawaii

The first thing people might notice upon stepping into Manoa Shave Ice is the large mural of a stunning rainbow over a lush, green mountain ridge. To us, this scene is more than decoration — it is a glimpse into our roots on O'ahu.

The Manoa Valley is home to the "Sleeping Giant" of Wa'ahila Ridge. Legend has it that because of a greedy lover's spat over the beautiful princess "Manoa", the gods eternally condemned Chief Kauhi to spend the rest of his days contemplating aloha (grace) and pono (righteousness) along the top of the ridge.

As kids, our family home overlooked the Sleeping Giant where vibrant rainbows stretched overhead in the rainy valley. In fact, the mural you see in the shop is the view from our front patio.

We hope to help spread aloha spirit as we share our home and family story.

​Manoa Shave Ice brings back the nostalgia and childhood memories of the tasty treats we grew up on. We love being able to bring this enchanting piece of Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest.



The mountain in the shop mural contains a Hawaiian legend.

Sleeping Giant.jpg
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